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Image Analysis for Microscopy 2006

Website of Image Analysis for Microscopy 19-21 June 2006, University of Liverpool, UK.

On 19, 20 and 21 june 2006 I attended the conference Image Analysis for Microscopy 2006 at Liverpool, UK, where I presented some recent results of our work in relation to Camera, the control and analysis application for the Scanning Probe Microscopes developed at the Interface Physics group.

Postman's bike

The postman's bike.

Just arrived

Just arrived.

To conference rooms

To the conference rooms.

Knowsley room

Knowsley Room (during coffee break).


The building, well mostly garden.


Watching World Cup 2006 match England-Zweden: 2-2.


On the lawn.

Penny Lane

Penny Lane is just opposite to Rathbone Hall.


Where I live.